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    Gloucester Bingo
   Come downtown, support our local small businesses and have a bit of fun.   You may have heard that Boston created "Boston Bingo" as a means to jump start their local economy...well, we are having some fun with "Go Fish/Gloucester"!  We thought this could be a great promotion for Gloucester too and we would love for you to participate with us.  
We are creating a "bingo" sheet with 20 or so general categories where one or more blocks could be satisfied by shopping/dining in your business.    An example of a few categories are:



  • Snag a sparkly piece of jewelry
  •   Upcycle something (buy something used)
  • Enjoy a drink with a friend
  •   Grab a sweet treat, pastry or cookie
  •   Visit a downtown bookstore
  • Buy a Glosta themed Tshirt or item
  •    Purchase a Mother’s Day gift
  • Ahoy! Buy something nautical 

The plan is for this promotion to run from April 22 through May 22 .   On April 22 there will be 6,500 inserts in the Gloucester Daily Times and we are planning a media/social media blitz to get the word out.   Once complete there will be a few  locations to drop off their bingo sheet and be entered in two different raffles.  A winning card will enter players in a raffle with prizes such as having lunch with Mayor Sefatia, a trip for two on the Ardelle, a Maritime Gloucester membership and we are working on other prizes from local businesses.  If you would like to donate a prize, please let us know. 
     Submitting a card with one line completed in any direction counts as one entry into a raffle, while a card that is completely filled out will see the player entered into the grand prize raffle.  Winners drawn from the raffle will have their choice of all the prizes available at that point with grand prize winners having first pick.

We truly think this is a fun and creative way for engaging our customers and thanking them for supporting their local businesses.  



Visit Our Members!

Business Name  Address Phone Number Business Type
Animal Krackers, Inc 232 Main St.  978-283-1186  Retail
Audrey's Flower Shop 38 Railroad Ave.  978-283-2171  Florist
Azorean Restaurant 133 Washington St.   978-283-5500 Restaurant
Ben's Wallpaper & Paint 6 Railroad Ave.  978-283-6541 Retail
Beth Williams Studio 17 Pleasant St.  978-283-5566  Retail 

Caffe Sicilia

Cape Ann Auction

40 Main St.

42 Main St.





Cape Ann Brewing Co. 11 Roger St.  978-282-7399 Restaurant 

Cape Ann Message Therapy Art & Wellness Center

222 Eastern Ave.  978-281-6222  Service
Cape Ann Olive Oil 57 Main St.  978-281-1061  Retail 
Common Crow 6 Elm St.  978-283-1665  Retail 
Conley's Drug Store 7 Railroad Ave.  978-283-3131 Retail 
Deborah Coull Salon 116 Main St.  978-282-1778 Salon 
Dog Town Book Shop 132 Main St.  978-281-5599  Retail
Doyons' Modern Home TV & Appliance  15 Whistlestop Way 978-283-0783  Retail 
G33K 130 Main St.   978-865-3259  Retail
Guiseppe's Ristorante 2 Main St.   978-879-4622 Restaurant
Gloucester Estate Buyer 43 Main St. 978-283-0064 Service
Gloucester House Restaurant Seven Seas Wharf 978-283-1812 Restaurant
Green Life 196 Main St. 978-283-1255 Retail
Harbor Cove Dental 123 Main St. Suite 2D 978-865-3360 Service
Harbor Goods 119 Main St.  978-282-1550 Retail 
Harbor Loop Gifts One Harbor Loop 978-283-3060 Retail
Harborview Inn 71 Western Ave 978-283-2277 Lodging
Headlines Salon 98 Main St.  978-283-0734 Salon
House of Raven 141 Main St.  978-281-1684 Retail 
Island Art & Hobby
117 Main St.  978-879-4511 Retail 
Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant 86 Main St.   978-283-8228  Restaurant
Jewels of Gloucester  120 Main St.   978-865-3380  Retail  
Jim's Bagel and Bake Shop  26 Railroad Ave.  978-283-3383  Restaurant 
Kids Unlimited 123 Main St.   978-281-4350  Retail 
Latitude 43/Migglewood Tavern 25 Roger St.   978-281-0223  Restaurant 
La Trattoria of the West End 64 Main St.  978-281-0790 Restaurant
Local Colors 121 Main St.  978-283-3996 Retail 
Lone Gull Inc.  146 Main St.  978-281-8588 Restaurant
Main St. Art & Antique 124 Main St.  978-281-1531 Retail 
Mark Adrian Shoe 103 Main St.  978-283-4343 Retail 
Ocean Optical  127 Eastern Ave. 978-282-1923 Service
Palazola's 85 Main St.  978-283-9180 Retail 
Parrelli Optical Co. 29 Railroad Ave. 978-281-4514 Service
Passports Restaurant 110 Main St.   978-304-7723  Restaurant 
Pauline's Gifts 514 Essex Ave. 978-281-5558 Retail
Pisces 96 Main St.  978-282-0900 Retail 
Pop Gallery 67 Main St.  617-458-9345 Retail 
Premier Imprints 48 Main St.  978-282-3227 Retail 
Russell's Florist 18 Eastern Ave. 978-283-0700 Florist
Sage Floral Studio 274 Main St.  978-282-9582 Florist
Salon One 267 Main St.  978-281-4112 Salon 
Seaside Graphics 33 Railroad Ave.  978-281-0960 Service
Soft Touch Salon 22 Whittemore St. 978-281-5500 Salon
Sugar Magnolias 112 Main St. 978-281-5310 Restaurant
The Book Store of Gloucester 61 Main St.  978-281-1548 Retail
The Cave 44 Main St.  978-283-0896 Retail
The Dress Code 159 Main St.  978-281-2888 Retail 
The Franklin Cape Ann 118 Main St. 978-283-7888 Restaurant
The Liquor Locker 287 Main St.  978-283-0630  Retail 
The Magic Scarf 180A Main St.  978-283-1408 Retail 
The Weathervane 153 Main St.  978-281-1127 Retail
Toodeloos! 142 Main St.  978-281-2011 Retail 
Turtle Alley 42 Roger St.  978-281-4000 Retail 
Two Sister's Coffee Shop 27 Washington St.  978-281-3378 Restaurant
Virgilio's Bakery & Deli  29 Main St.  978-283-5295  Restaurant
West End Salon  94 Main St.   978-283-7100  Salon 

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